Having a specific niche in blogging is very important. It's something people will recognize you for. The bad side of writing about one niche is that it can feel repetitive. Best thing you can do is to write about other topics as well. You should expand, extend? your niche. I love to make it a full package for my readers. I think It's much more interesting for them to have a chance to read about fashion, beauty, personal development and blogging tips, rather then just about fashion. That's something that will make them stay longer on your blog.
Do it in a different way! Be creative!
You can make your content much more interesting if you write about fiew topics. For example, the focus of my blog is on fashion. To spice it up, I love to write about beauty, blogging tips and personal development. You should always think about the big picture. If your blog is about fashion, you should always find a way to do it a bit different. If you are showing your outfit, you should find a reason why you are posting it. You shouldn't ever post just for the sake of posting. Think about why you are showing it to your readers, is it for them to learn something? You can teach them how to style something, to inform them about trends and to inspire them!
You can create moodboards and collages for your posts. You should always keep in mind that you need to add value to everything you post. If there's no value, there's no point of posting it!

Write about something else! Extend your niche.
I think it's very important to keep your niche in the focus, but it's refreshing to write about other topics for your readers and you as well. When you grow, your interests change and it's totally fine to write about other stuff. When I started this blog, I wrote only about my acnes and skin care. Time was passing and my interests were changing, so I started writing about make up as well. Eventually, I ended up wanting to have a fashion blog. Instead of opening a new one, I just refocused. I struggled to write only about fashion but I made it! My readers enjoyed the change but they still wanted beauty related posts. So, I made a column, where I would write only about acnes. I started writing about makeup and skin care again and the results were amazing. Apart from that I added posts on blogging tips as well as posts about personal development. In that way I have so much more to offer my readers.

Stay in your lane!
At the end of the day, it's important to always remember what the main topic of your blog is. In my case that's fashion. You shouldn't over do it and end up having too much of everything. The way I try to avoid that is by merging fashion into everything. That's exactly what I did today. I wrote about blogging with shots of an outfit. I think you should do it whenever you can. Incorporate beauty posts into your fashion theme and make it a bit more fashionable. It's important to stay creative and to always think about doing it better and more interactive.

How you make your content better?
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Dress - Metisu; Sandals - Ego Official; Bag - Parfois; Earrings - Parfois; Necklace - PD Paola;

Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic