While I'm writing this post I'm on a vacation with my family. Before starting to publish posts from here  I decided to share with you some of my favourite photos from Montenegro. Some of them you probably saw on Instagram and some of them you didn't. Either way I wanted to have a little diary about it on the blog.

I was at Kruče at my boyfriends summer house. That's a small village between Ulcinj and Bar. It's a heaven on earth for all of us that are tired of typical touristic and crowded places. That's a place that has no tourists and if there are, they are probably lost. 

People live there during the summer.  It's a very lovely and peaceful place where you come to switch off from the rest of the world. Beaches are raw, there isn't much built on them which makes them more beautiful. There is a lot to explore. One day we walked through rocks for about 40 minutes and came to the beautiful beach and other day we swam to the wild one. And we didn't payed anything! It's amazing to have a chance to find beautiful and raw places like this one and to make your own excursion. One more thing I will remember this place for is that I've never in my life saw such a beautiful sky full of stars and constellations!! Sounds so stupid and childish but it truly is like that. One night we decided to go to the beach with some music, shisha and drinks and just gaze at the stars. It was so damn beautiful! I saw four shooting stars, four!! Before that, I only saw one.

It was a raw, adventurous and loving summer at Kruče. I loved it, all the way. I didn't have my dslr camera with me, I only managed to bring my phone and I tried to shoot beautiful pictures. I hope you will enjoy them!