I would never think that I would wear masculine clothes. This is a whole new world to me and I must say, I'm really enjoying it! I'm finally having a feeling like I'm finding myself and defining my style a bit more. 
Today I want to talk about blending masculine and feminine clothes. If you would have asked me to wear this two years ago, I would probably laugh and said no way. I was always scared of experimenting because of fear I would lose my femininity. What I didn't know is that you can't lose it, it's not an object to lose it. It's a part of you! If you have it, it will always show no matter what you wear.

So, what I learned is that no matter how masculine stuff I wear, I wear it in a feminine way it will look amazing. In order to look feminine in the masculine, you should follow these tips:
- Wear red lipstick! It can't get more feminine than that.
- It's all about the details! Choose your jewelry wisely, keep it minimal, but chic.
- When it comes to clothes, my formula would be to blend one masculine garment with classic staples. What I did here is, I found a big blazer and styled it with a classic white blouse and mom jeans. Classic + Masculine = Jackpot
- Don't be afraid of trying out new styles! You will never know what suits you well if you don't try it. It's just clothes. 
I remember I got this shirt and blazer one or two years ago at second hand and I never wore it, because I thought I looked like I'm working in a factory. Haha. I was so funny! Either way, I'm so glad I got it because I'm going to wear it so often. I'm loving the structure of the blouse. It's not too tight and it got puffy sleeves and these cute little buttons, I'm so obsessed with them! 
Blazer - Vintage; Blouse - Vintage; Jeans - Zaful; Shoes -Ego; Bag - Picard; Watch - Mockberg;
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