I can't believe I will say this, but I can't wait for colder days to come. I'm super excited about autumn and winter and I feel super inspired when it comes to styling clothes for it. The other day I was going through my mom's closet and I found this beautiful fur jacket. I remember when I was a kid, I use to wear it and to act like my mom. I was so funny in it. I forgot we had it until I started going through some older clothes.

I gave it a try, just to see how I'm going to look like and I was soo surprised to see that actually, it suits me good. Immediately, I start going through some other clothes that I once tried and I didn't like it. So, there is a few more garment to show you!
It's so easy to style it. I just grabbed a pair of mom jeans and my new favorite blouse. It was a perfect match. This jacket is good for some fancy occasions as well. I can easily imagine myself wearing it with skirt or dress and heels. Can't wait to show you more ways to style it.

This time I will let pictures to tell the story, instead of me! 

P. S. Don't forget to go through mom's and grandmas closet before autumn or winter, I'm sure you are going to find some hidden gems, just like I did!
Fur jacket - Vintage; Blouse - Metisu; Jeans - Romwe; Mules - Ego; Bag - Picard Lederwaren; Earrings - Jane Koenig;
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