You know that feeling when everything comes into place? Light, outfit and photographer? That's exactly what happened with me and my sister. And then I clicked! This what I want to do, to tell stories through my pictures. I always wanted to show how something to wear or educate you in some way, but I always felt that something is missing. Now I know what it was. I want to be a visual storyteller! Everything will be the same except photography. I want to take it to another level! Please let me know your thoughts on these photos.

These photos are telling the story about love, pure and innocent one. She just came from a date with her love. She was showing him the city, it wasn't a typical one because she wanted to show him the city through her eyes. They were on the best ice cream in town when she decided to take him to the rooftop that hides the best view of the city. On the road to the rooftop, they passed through some beautiful garden with roses, where he picked her the most beautiful one. It was a private garden, so they had to smuggle to get it. They were acting childish, they couldn't stop laughing. It felt like time stopped just for them. Everything was so beautiful, almost perfect. Then it was time for him to go home. 
She wasn't sad when he left, she knew he was the one! 
She didn't want to go home and decided to wander streets a little more on her own.
 She didn't want to lose that feeling of pure love and happiness, she didn't want to go back to reality. She was intoxicated by him and she loved that feeling!
"you are the peace after wars,the calm after stormsand everything insanely beautifulthat shapes aftera tragedy"
Top - H&M; Pants - Metisu; Shoes - Ego Official; Bag - Zaful;
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