Since the day I started blogging about fashion I always use to think that taking pictures in the bright sun is a big no-no. I was worried that my skin is going to look very bad as well with the clothes. I was so wrong!
I'm always trying to bring something new to the blog and to make it more interesting. I'm trying to create interesting content with every post and to keep improving photography. I started experimenting more with photography and I realized how much I love taking pictures in the sun and playing with shadows! Moral of the story is to always challenge yourself and to try new things that you may think are not good because it can turn out that they are bloody amazing! Don't be afraid of sunlight and make sure to embrace weird poses! It's just you, your photographer and sun. Switch off and forget about the people. Make sure to have a lot of fun! That's the best advice I can give you. If you are shooting with your own camera remember to adjust your ISO on camera as well, make sure to darken it!

About the outfit, I decided to go with the classics but I wanted to spice it up with the shoes and bag. The black coat is always a good idea! It's like a little black dress, everyone should have it! I decided to go with the denim and vintage silk blouse. The piece I'm most excited about is this bag! It's from my grandma. I remember when I first saw it around ten years ago when I was learning to walk in heels. I was at my grandma's and she gave me the most beautiful and feminine beige sandals together with this bag. It was Lorbac and she bought them together because at that time it was very important to match heels with the bag. I remember walking in those sandals and her telling me to straighten out my knees. A few years later, she gave me them together with the bag as a gift! I'm still amazed by the fact that they are still in a such a good shape after me learning to walk in them. I'm so lucky to have the best grandma in the world. Together with my mom, they influenced my style in the best possible way!

Final touch I decided to give with these boots. They remind me so much on Bratz dolls, do you guys remember them?? I'm convinced that one of my dolls have the same boots! They look kind of dangerous, don't you agree? I'm loving them.
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Coat - Zaful; Blouse - Vintage; Jeans - Romwe; Bag - Lorbac (vintage); Sunglasses - Vintage; Earrings - Vintage; Boots - Ego;
Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic