It's the end of November which means New Year's fever can start! I've never really made a series of New Years preparations, so I thought I could make this year one. There is going to be a lot of fun content to read! From what makeup you should wear to inspiring editorials on what to wear that night. But first, we are going to go through a guide on how you should dress! 
I'm doing this post before black Friday so you can find some pieces you like at much lower prices! I'm pretty sure a lot of you already made your wishlists, but it's never too late to add more stuff on it, right? 
When it comes to dressing up for New Year's party, it's very important to know what style you are going to rock. Is it chic, rock or a classic one? My favorite is a chic one! Effortless, comfortable and classy. I'm talking about dresses from light materials that have a lot of ruffles on it. Ones that aren't too close to your body. You can wear it with block heels. That's how you are going to be sure that you can dance all night without your feet killing you! When it comes to makeup, you should keep it minimal. You can go with winged eyeliner and pink or red lips. That's my favorite combination. It always works for me!

If chic isn't your cup of tea you can always go with a rock one. You can grab a mini sequin skirt, simple top and biker boots. If you are too lazy to put too much effort in your make up, make sure to put your favorite eyeliner and to smudge it in. Put your favorite lip gloss and go into the night! 

If you love to play safe, I say go with the classics! You can go with the little black dress and you can make it pop up with the details. It can be shoes or statement earrings, it's totally up to you. You can go with the different kind of classics. I find this dress a classic, I wore it last year for my New Year's party suggestion! If a dress isn't your kind of thing, you can always go with jumpsuit or palazzo pants. You can style them with slingback pumps, block heels or even flats! When it comes to makeup, I'm always for the one that says less is better. Eyeliner and lipstick are all you need. You don't have to complicate it with smokey eyes and false lashes. It's important that you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin! If you are going to a home party, you can easily wear a dress and over the knee (flat) boots. You can check that look here.
Don't forget that this night isn't about the dress, it's about celebrating New Year and having fun with your loved ones. So don't forget to have fun all along, embrace your flaws and have the best night of all time!

As I said at the beginning of the post, this is just a first post in the series of ones dedicated to preparations for New Year's party. Next one will be an editorial featuring my favorite party dresses! Don't forget to stop by and leave a comment. Sharing is caring!

Let me know in the comments where are you going to celebrate New Year's Eve and what style you are going to rock?

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