Season of gifting is around the corner and I wanted to share with you a guide on what to buy to your friend that's into fashion! When it comes to gifting, it's always important to try to think like that person and to think about what THEY would like to get as a present and not you. I realized that people are often buying presents for them. They are searching for presents through their eyes and they should start looking through eyes of the person whom they want to gift. I hope I don't sound too crazy and that you get what I want to say.
I wanted to come together with a guide that's kind of universal if your friend is into fashion and she wants something for her. I think this is a great selection of products with a good range of prices as well.
We'll start with Byredo perfumes (you can find them here). I love stories behind these perfumes and their unique scents. Their creator Ben believed they can turn you into places. He was reviving childhood memories through scents as well. If you ever smelled these perfumes you know they are very different from the commercial ones. I just love everything about these perfumes, from the story to the packaging!

Face earrings - this kind of earrings became a huge trend lately. I saw them on Pinterest a hundred time. I think they were inspired by sketches from an artist (if you know which one, please let me know in the comments). These sketches are drawn from one movement and they are quite amazing if you ask me. I think they can be a great gift as they are very sophisticated and minimalistic. (Find them here and here.)

Instax Camera - I think that this camera is always a great choice as a gift! It's a great way to keeping memories and it looks super cute. The best part is that it's not pricey at all and you can find it in different colors! (You can buy it here.)

In Vogue by Alberto Oliva - for someone that's into fashion, this book is a bible. It's an illustrated history of Vogue. (Find it here.)

Beauty bag - one person can't have enough of beautiful cosmetics bags. This one is made of pearls and it's so beautiful. The size of the bag is perfect to carry your everyday essentials in it. Find it here.

Pocket planner - planner is always a good idea! Jo & Judy have the most beautiful selection of planners and notebooks with motivational quotes together with great design. Find it here.

Red boots - These boots are one of the most popular types of shoes lately! You can find them for very reasonable price on Ego. They are my favorite destination for shoes! Quality and design is amazing compared to price. Find these boots here.

Embroidered beret - this is something every girl needs! It's an everyday piece. You can buy the simple one or ones with the logos or embroidery on it. Find it here.

Diptique candle - I think there's no much to say about these candles! They smell divine and their holders are great for storing makeup brushes. Find them here.

I hope you liked this guide and make sure to add your selections in the comments!

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