We live in a digital era where everything is happening so fast. Everyone is busy with their lives and jobs that they forget we only have one life and it's OKAY to slow down. To listen. To be aware. To see. To feel! Especially if you work in the online world, sometimes is really hard to switch off. You need to learn that it's okay to take breaks. I'm not talking about breaks for months, I'm just talking about few days. I always felt guilty when I didn't work on my blog. I didn't feel like I should rest, I had feared that I will miss out on something. The truth is, you won't! You need to rest and you need to have the time off so you can create amazing content. 
Over the time I learned how to take breaks and not feel guilty about it. Some days I feel like I don't want to look at my phone at all and I don't. I'm off from a blog, Instagram and Instagram stories. That's my time. A time when I'm charging my batteries and it doesn't matter if it's during the week or weekend. But if you want to slow down you have to have all your shit together. If I didn't have an editorial calendar where I schedule a whole month ahead I couldn't be able to take these breaks. You do need to have a plan that works. I always make sure to first shoot projects I'm working on and then work for regular content. In that way, I make sure I can take these breaks.
In general, I think that people have need to be busy all the time and to put way too many obligations on them, like we are robots. We are humans and we need to take time to slow down a bit. Look around you! Spend time with your loved ones, tell your mom how much you love her, or your brother, sister, friend or boyfriend. We often forgot about these small things, but the truth is we are so lucky to have them! Besides that, we need to take care of our health and to be sure to have a proper sleep. Lately, I heard so many people brag about how little they sleep or not at all, just because they had a lot of things to do.
I don't want to turn this post into an essay, I hope you understand the message behind it and that you agree with it!

Now, let's talk about these photos! They were created by talented photographer Simona Andrejić. We shot together last summer. You can check out that post in here. We had so much fun shooting this look. We went for a coffee and we almost forgot that we came for shooting. You need to check out her photos from her latest project Simona's fairy tales. She's recreating Disney's characters in a very unique way.
Fur jacket - Vintage; Turtleneck - Vintage; Jeans - Stradivarius; Bag - Picard; Earrings - H&M; Beret - New Yorker; Earrings - PD Paola; Watch - Mockberg;
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Photography: Simona Andrejić