We are so close to NY! I'm not even ready for it! I really can't believe how fast this year went by. It was such a wonderful year indeed. So many wonderful things happened. I will let summing up for some other occasion. Today I wanted to chat with you about wearing sequins to NY's party. This will be some last minute guide I guess. I hope it will help you if you're one of those people who do everything in last minute (like me in this case). I still don't know what I'm going to wear for the party. But, that doesn't stop me from sharing with you ideas on what you could wear for that night. So, today subject are sequins! Jelena and I wanted to show you two different ideas on how to wear them. The one from Jelena's is bit bolder and riskier while mine is a more of a safe option.

We definitely agreed that her dress reminds us of crazy 70's. It's such a gorgeous dress and it fits her perfectly. If you take a close look at the material of her dress, you'll see that these are not the typical sequins. These are like pieces of foil that are glued to a material. I think that's the best description of it. She styled it with pumps, but you can go with the baker boots or oxford flats or loafers!
Like I said, I went with the safer option. I wanted to add a little sparkle to it. The best way to do it was with this dress! It has a subtle sequin on it. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to style it with these golden shoes! They are such a good match. This dress has no sleeves, so I had to add something to layer it. I decided to go with this blazer-dress. It's such a good fit and color of it is so beautiful. I wanted to spice it up a bit more and I went with these chunky earrings from H&M. I'm totally crazy about them. They are such a statement piece, don't you agree?
When it comes to makeup, I decided to cool it down a bit, because there was so much going on! In the next post, I created a dramatic look inspired by NY's party, so don't forget to keep eye on it!

If you decide to wear sequins to NY's party keep in mind to choose a dress that follows the line of your body. You don't want to end up looking like you are wearing a giant sack on you (I hope you get what I want to say). I don't know why, but very often, designers come up with baggy sequins dresses. You can end up looking fat and no one wants that for NY's eve!
A second thing you want to keep eye on is that tone of your sequins matches your makeup! If it has a cool tone, your makeup should have a cool one as well.
Last, but not least: don't go too crazy with your shoes! You can't have a statement dress and shoes at the same time. You'll end up looking like a clown and no one wants that, right?
P.S. Don't forget to check out Jelena's post!

Will sequins be your choice for NY's party? 
I'm wearing: Dress - Tom Tailor (find similar here);               
Blazer - Marina's design (find similar here);         
Shoes - Kurt Geiger;  (find similar here);   
Jelena's wearings: Dress - Ljubica's design (find similar here);
 Shoes - Asos;
Earrings - Bstrd;
Photography: Mateja Stojanovic

*This post is done in a collaboration with the Nakturnal agency. For more info, click here.