In this post, I announced that I will create more posts for preparations for NY's eve. So, here we are! For the first editorial, I thought I would share with you editorial with inspiration on how to wear a long dress to NY's eve. No matter is it a party or a dinner, you can pull it off!
This time I wanted to go with something very unusual. I picked a dress that I wouldn't wear as well with the hairstyle. I decided to challenge myself and to constantly try things I wouldn't usually wear. This way of thinking only brought nice things in my life. This time was the same! I was pleasantly surprised at how good this dresses suit me. From color to the type of a dress. It looks like a kimono and the fabric itself reminds me of a silk. It's very lightweight and pleasant on the skin. The most interesting part next to cleavage is back! They are very revealing, daring and sexy!

It never crossed my mind that I could wear tied hair for a formal occasion. Even with the bob, you can pull of tied hair! I think that these locks that I let out are giving a special touch to the whole look, don't you think so? I think it looks even more formal. I can't wait to wear this hairdo on a daily basis! 
When it comes to makeup, I wanted to keep it simple. It's something I do always when I have time to do my makeup. This is something I would always suggest to you to wear to formal events or parties. It's a safe option, especially if it's something you prefer to wear. It's simple makeup with soft eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, and lipstick.

Jelena decided to go with the classics! I think these timeless dresses suits her so good. She's a great example that you don't need to experiment with clothes, you can go with classics and never go wrong! That's totally fine. If you decide to wear a long dress you should pay attention to few things such as fabrics and how comfortable it is. If you want to have fun and dance all night you should find a dress that it's comfortable enough and loose so you don't have to think about it. Find colors that suit you well and that match your skin tone.
Don't forget to check out Jelena's whole look. Click here to see her full look.

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Photography: Mateja Stojanović
Dresses: Marina's Design