If you are following me on Instagram you could see that I started doing series of the Instagram story where I talk about different subjects every day, from fashion, lifestyle to beauty. I decided to document them on my blog so you can always have an access to it. The other reason is that I talk in Serbian there and I think that subject that I'm talking about are handy and useful so it's better to have them here forever!
Today I'm going to talk about how to style vintage clothing without looking like you are wearing a costume and how you to wear clothes and not vice-versa. 
I love wearing vintage clothing! It's like you are wearing a piece of history and at the same time, you are writing a new one with your wearing. In order to look good in vintage clothing, you really need to like it!

Pick a vintage clothing that you REALLY LIKE.
Don't settle for anything less than that! I know that it's cheap but you shouldn't buy clothing just for the sake of its price. You don't want to end up having a bunch of boring clothes with whom you can't do anything, but you "had" to buy them because they were cheap. Buy clothes that you really like! I always that thrift shops are the best places to buy basics, such as good jeans, blouses, and turtlenecks as well with the statement pieces. If you have enough of basics (but let's be honest, you can't have enough of them :D ) go on a hunt for a statement pieces. It could be jacket, blazer, dress or a skirt. 

Make sure clothing you decide to buy  FITS YOU.
Here I only think of not being too small for you. People like buying clothes that are too tight for you, so please make sure you are buying something that actually fits you. It's okay if it's a bit bigger, you can tailor it on your own to be a bit tighter to fir you better, but don't buy clothes that are too tight or small for you.

It's important that you FEEL GOOD in the clothes you buy.
If you don't feel cool and beautiful in it, you shouldn't buy it! I mean this is obvious, but sometimes we do forget these things and we impulsively buy something god knows why. So, make sure to feel amazing in the clothes you are planning to buy! Fall in love with it, then you'll know it's for you! :)

So when we managed all of these, let's talk about how not to look like you are wearing a costume when you wear vintage clothing! It's not like there is a rule book with exact rules on how to style vintage clothing but there are few things you should have in mind. The first tip would be to:
To style it with the basics! They are timeless and they always look good with everything, especially with the vintage clothing. It's not like in vintage clothing you can't find basic pieces, of course, you can but here I'm talking about statement pieces, like a blazer with padded shoulders.

Don't be afraid to play around!
Experiment with clothes and styles, go out of your comfort zone you'll surprise yourself with how good you can be at styling! Remember there are no rules on how you should style vintage clothing, you can style them however you want. The only thing that's important is that YOU ARE WEARING your clothes not vice-versa. Don't wear something just for the sake of trend because it won't suit you and you'll end up looking fun and nobody wants that, right?

Do you like wearing vintage clothing? Do you have any pieces of advice on how to style them?
I'm wearing: Blouse - Vintage (find similar here);
Pants - HM (find similar here);
Bag - Lorbac, vintage; (find similar here); 
Shoes - Shoes of Prey; (find similar here);
Rings - PD Paola (find similar here);
Earrings - Jane Konig;
Sunglasses - Vintage;

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