It feels like I didn't write for a year! I can't believe it’s been almost two months since the last time I hit a publish button. I swear there is a  really good reason for it. I'm so happy that I'm back on the track. I missed it so damn much!

You are probably waiting for me to tell you the reason for my absence. As you may know, I was studying law. I remember when I first started it I was so happy and excited about it. As years were passing my enthusiasm and love for it disappeared because my interests changed a lot. I was very unhappy about it, but I didn't really want to admit it because I'm not a quitter. I was always good at school and I loved working, but the law was just not for me.

The blog was doing good and I just wanted to finish it, but as you may know, studying law is not easy, there are a lot of books and you can't really finish it like a side thing. I needed a real talk with myself to see what I wanted to do with my life. Yes, I love working on my blog and I wasn't into law anymore so it was really stupid to keep doing it. I started thinking about what should I finish, what is a good match with my interests. Somehow it came to me it was a graphic designer. So, I started exploring subjects and what I needed for my entrance exam. 

For almost two months I was going to Art Studio every day to practice my drawing. For the record, I was never a person who was good at drawing. I remember drawing in Primary school but that was it. I was very scared, but it turned out amazing. I discovered that I'm not that bad at drawing at all. I guess I never explored it and they were always telling me I don't know how to draw.

I was 100% into it, I was practicing, going to the Art Studio, I was searching, exploring! It was quite a journey and everything happened spontaneously. From me picking what I would love to do, to Art Studio finding me on Instagram as they saw that I needed help. I had the best teacher in the world. I can easily say that I found my best friend there. She worked with me patiently and she taught me so much more than just drawing. You know those teachers that you see in the movies where they teach you about life and share a lot of wisdom with you. I really feel a lot wealthier after this journey! I'm so happy about it, and I'm so grateful for having such a supporting family, friends and boyfriend!

When we cleared this up, I can't wait to share much more content with you. I decided I will spice it up a bit. I never wanted to "ruin" my fashion image by adding more lifestyle content. I came to a conclusion that I need to listen to myself and keep listening to my inner voice. So there will be a lot of different content, but with the fashion of course. I don't think I will change that because that's a big part of me and my journey. If I never had a blog and an interest in fashion, I don't know If I would know that I would love to study graphic design. I passed my entrance exam, by the way, and I can't wait for my lecture to begin (in October).

After I passed it, I needed a bit of a time to get back to normal. But, I don't think it can be that normal because I immediately started my courses in calligraphy (art school found me on Instagram as well after I was searching for one who had this course) and linocut. There's no time for wasting! :D

I need to stop this post right here before it gets really long! I feel so happy, grateful and accomplished. It's like the whole Universe is on my side to help me accomplish what I really love.

Thank you for staying by my side while I was absent!