If you love fashion, at one point regular stores become boring to you and you want to find something more interesting and different! Next steps are thrift stores and markets of pre-used clothes, accessories and furniture. Someone will say that these clothes are dirty and used, but I have a different kind of view! I see them as parts of history which are very unique and different and the quality is better than the clothes in regular markets. So, if you ask me, do I love buying vintage and second-hand clothes answer is HELL YEAH!
I love buying at the thrift shops and I love combining new and vintage pieces. So, it crossed my mind I could write about my favorite thrift shops in Belgrade.

My favorite vintage shop right now is a very new place called Snatch (click here to see what it looks like). It's one of the coolest vintage shops in Belgrade if you ask me. The range of clothes is amazing, as well as the prices and the place itself looks stunning! You need to check them out! From time to time they have some designer pieces, so you should keep eye on their account on Instagram. I can't wait to show you all of the pieces I found in there in my upcoming posts!

The second thrift shop is at Bulevar at the street Starca Vujadina. This is the hidden gem in Belgrade. They have amazing pieces and they are so damn cheap! It's not that pretty like Snatch, but you know what they say: "Don't judge the book by its covers!" It's a small place with a lot of clothes, so you should take your time to explore it. You can find everything there, from plain shirts, blouses to coats. I always find the best blazers in there! They always have a discount of 10% on everything even if it's already discounted. Yeah, you need to check this SH!

The third one is Lux Vintage shop at Zeleni Venac. It's a shop with a soul! I love coming here, even just to look around. There is always something new to find. From sunglasses to beautiful bags and lots of clothes. I love the old lady that works there. She is very stylish and full of life, I love her energy! She's always so positive and she gives the best bits of advice. If you are a true fan of vintage pieces, you need to check this store!

Last but not least is Cobra Second Hand. I personally don't have the best luck buying at this place, but my sister always finds the best clothes there and I always steal from her :D They have a huge range of clothing, their place looks nice and clean and prices are great as well. You should check this place as well, there are few locations of it in Belgrade.

Do you like thrift shopping?
Turtleneck and sunglasses are from a vintage shop.
Turtleneck is from SH.
The blouse is from a vintage shop.
Blouse and blazer are from SH.