I get this question asked a lot, so I thought it was a time to write about this topic again! It's so funny to remember that back then I was the person who was shy in front of the camera and who didn't want to take pictures of myself. I didn't know what to do and I thought I didn't look nice. I remember having a problem to look at the camera. I had a lot of pictures of me looking at the floor or on the side. Now, I looove being in front of the camera and taking photos! I truly enjoy it and I love to experiment with different poses and surroundings.
The first tip I could give to you is to find someone you know and trust to take pictures of you. I can't explain how important this is when you are starting out! If you want to be calm and relaxed in front of the camera you need someone who you trust and who you are comfortable with. It's the best to be your boyfriend, friend or sister! In that way you won't be ashamed, you won't think too much about what they will say and you'll be able to relax and have fun!

Move a lot! It's very important to move a lot. After some time you will find moves and poses that are yours but until then, move a lot! For the beginning, you can walk, do something with your hair or just pretend that you are doing something. Play with your arms and face. The weirder you get the poses are better and the photos are going to be amazing, I promise! Now I don't have any problem to be weird and to try as many poses as I can. I don't care if I look funny, I know why I'm doing it!

And now, the main problem that all of us are facing is: taking pictures in public and what are people going to say! Well, who the hell cares! Learn to turn off yourself and to be focused while you are being photographed. You know why you are taking photos. You are not there to think about what people will say, you are there to take some kick ass shots, so make sure to stay focused!

Know your angles! We all have good angles and our "good" side so make sure to give the best of it. 
Be aware of your body! Look yourself in the mirror and try out some poses or while you are being photographed stop to see your pictures you'll see what pose is better for you and in what poses your body looks the way you want.
Be weird! I loooove taking pictures in weird poses, I think it adds more drama to photography! Don't be afraid to try out new poses and to look silly. You'll be surprised how amazing poses you'll find. I love to experiment with my hands (as you probably notice). 

Do you like being photographed? What are your tips for being more comfortable in front of the camera?

Top - Metisu; Jeans - Vintage Levi's; Shoes - Asos; Bag - Zac Posen; Sunglasses - Vintage;
Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic