Fashion is all about breaking the rules as well as this outfit. They said they you shouldn't wear yellow if you're blonde and that if you are wearing a long dress, ankle boots are a big no-no. Who cares!
If you like it, go for it!
That's what I did with this look. I picked this gorgeous dress from HM Trend Collection. I love the flower pattern and this yellow color. I know, flowers for spring? I couldn't resist them! They are always a good option and refreshment. I decided to style with this vintage belt. It gives you a more feminine look because the dress itself is a bit baggy. This way it's perfect! As you could see I went for my vintage ankle boots. I think they give a touch of elegance to the whole look because they are very tight end feminine, don't you think so? I spiced it up with my all-time favorite: hoops! I wear them all the time, they are such a timeless piece. From formal to casual wear, you can wear them anywhere.
I think I should write a post with the go-to jewelry set I wear all the time! It's my watch, bangles, and hoops! The latest addition to the family is this simple necklace that I wear all the time.
This is the dress I'm going to wear whole spring and summer! It's lightweight and it fit me perfectly! It's so easy to style and it's effective.
Do you like wearing maxi dresses? What is your favorite way of styling them?

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Dress - HM; Boots - Vintage; Sunglasses - Vintage; Bracelets - The Peach Box; Necklace - HM; Hoops - Jane Konig; Watch - Mockberg; Bag - Zac Posen;
Photography: Jelena Vukosavljevic