Jane Birkin would agree with me! Basket bags aren't just made for the beach! She wore them all the time, no matter what season is! I guess she knew the drill. We obviously learned something from her!  I love the idea of taking your basket bag everywhere with you instead of a typical bag. I think that you should look at the basket bag as a white shirt. It's a classic. You can style it with absolutely everything, from casual to classy. I love the idea of carrying it during the winter as well, Jane Birkin did it amazingly!
I bought this one on a Shopbop and I bought it to wear it on a daily basis. I decided to style it in a chic way with my favorite elegant shoes from Shoes of prey. I love my new dress from HM, it's so ready for the beach! I love the vintage cut but the modern pattern. I think basket bags took whole another level this year and I can't wait to see what fashion industry will come up with! If you ask me, I'm totally into this trend. I think it's an old one but it's recycled. 

How can you style a basket bag?
➸ You can style it with jeans and a graphic tee!
➸ You can go with the skirt and statement blouse with ruffles.
➸ There aren't limitations when it comes to color, you can go bold and mix few colors or you can go monochrome, basket bags are your best friend!
➸ You can put a bandana on your basket, your 501 Levi's jeans, blouse and your favorite heels and tadaa you have a casual-elegant look that you can pull off for an event or a drink with your friends.
➸ Whatever you are wearing, pay attention to details. They always complete the whole look. Don't forget to add your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. From boring look with the appropriate accessories, it can be a breathtaking and unique look. 

Let me know in the comments are you into basket bags? What is your favorite way of styling them?
Dress - HM; Bag - BUJI BAJA; Shoes - Shoes of prey; Sunglasses - Vintage; Bracelets - The Peach Box; Earrings - Jane Konig;