I guess we all have those days when we don't feel like doing anything. Everything seems hard and everything looks bad, but actually, there isn't any reason for it. I don' think that there is a person who is always constantly happy without any negative thoughts. There's just a different way of dealing with it. People who are pessimistic they focus on the bad things and the positive ones try to see good in everything. I must say that I was in the first group, so sometimes it can be a little harder to reprogram myself to think positive. I must say that's something you are constantly working on. It get's easier with the time when you adopt it as a habit.

I thought to share with you some tips on how to stay positive when you don't feel like it that works for me:
Reflect on all of the things you have. In other words: practice gratitude. I can't describe you how important this is! Three months ago I started a gratitude journal where I wrote 30-50 things I'm grateful for, every single day. Now I don't get to write it every day, I do it every third day. But I go to bed every night grateful for all the things I have. This way you won't get upset over things that are small and don't matter because you know that all of the things you do have are much more significant than that. Gratitude can change your life! 
➳ Start doing things! When we aren't in the mood everything seems hard and you should use that rule of three seconds. Count to three and then do it! From washing your hair, finishing that article or working out, just do it!
If you are going to the work or school make sure to put on your favorite clothes and makeup. It will make you feel better so much! It always works for me.
➳ Pamper yourself! Put a mask on your hair and face. Bake something that you loove to eat and read your favorite book! You'll feel much better after it.
➳ Meditate! Recently I started meditating and I must admit I feel much calmer. I started doing guided meditations that last for 5 minutes so I can't make an excuse I don't have to for it. Click here to watch it, I love this girl!
If you have time do something creative! I love to make mood boards and vision boards and I love to draw. I always feel so much more relaxed, happier and inspired after it! You definitely need to try it!
Read self-help and self-improvement. I always feel great reading them. The most important thing about them is to actually apply all of the things on to your life! That's the only way the book will work for you. Make sure to read it enough times and to study it in the detail.
Make sure not to talk negatively to yourself. When it comes to this, I love using affirmations. I use them all the time. When I'm on the bus and I don't have my earphones I'm practicing affirmations. I have them in my room in my books, everywhere! I think they are a very powerful tool and they can change the way you talk to yourself. When you change the way you talk to yourself you change the way you talk to the rest of the world. Do you agree with this?

I hope you will find this post helpful and make sure to let me know how you stay positive when you don't feel like it!