Do you really need money to be stylish? Sometimes I think that people forgot what fashion is about. They are trapped and the only thing they are doing is thinking about how they are going to get the hot designer item. It's not important do you actually like it or does it fits you. It's important that it's on trend. I mean do you really want to give 900$ on a shirt so you can be "cool"? What does even cool mean to you? I really think that money can't buy you a style and that you can look very good without spending a whole fortune on clothes. I do think that it's good to invest in some pieces that can last you for years. But I don't think that if you are wearing designer clothing you immediately get a sense of style. You don't need money to have a style! I hope that my blog is showing you how can you look good without too much money. 
So how can you look good on a budget?

Thrift shops, second hands, flea markets... Name it and go there! I spoke so much about them, but they are true gems. You can find so many lovely things there, even the ones that are hot right now. For example, I got this see-through blouse at a thrift shop. Click here to see what staples I got at thrift shops. You can find best basics pieces at thrift shops and second hands. 

You can find anything you want there from jewelry, bags, clothes to shoes. Literally, anything you need, Etsy and eBay have it. Etsy is a real fashion heaven, you can find there vintage clothes and accessories as well as handmade things that aren't pricey at all. You'll end up with staples that are made of quality materials and you won't spend that much money.

There are a lot of retailers that have good staples when you compare the quality of materials to prices. My favorite one is HM (obviously :D), but there are Top Shop, Primark or Zara (which is my least favorite, because lately, their materials are very poor and bad quality). If you are on a budget, you should be careful when you are buying from fast fashion. You should always go to shopping with a plan. Know why you are going there and what you really need. If you don't have money, don't buy compulsively.

Being stylish is a whole package. You need to take care of your hair and skin! When it comes to makeup, it should be subtle and natural. 

I can't describe to you how important this is. Little accessories can lift an outfit so much! Don't forget to accessorize it, add earrings, stack necklaces and add rings. Try wearing your baggy dress with a belt and you'll see what a difference can make just one belt! Try experimenting more with accessorize and go for jewelry you thought you wouldn't wear! Wear a bandana around your head and not your neck. Try stacking your favorite necklaces, wear your bracelets and watch on the same hand.

To end this post I need to add that It's okay and I totally support investing in fashion for buying designer bags, shoes or whatever else you like. It's totally alright to invest in things that are valuable. What I don't support is buying designer clothes for the sake of trends or being cool. I just find it silly to give 1000$ on a shirt that will be "on trend" for one or two months and after it, it will come another one, and you give another 1000$ and the story continues. That's a waste of money for me. 

What are your thoughts on it? Do you think you need to have money to be stylish?

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Blouse - Vintage (Snatch BGD); Skirt - HM; Sunglasses - Eyesoflolam; Bag - Picard; Shoes - Shoes of prey; Bracelets - The Peach Box; Watch - Mockberg;