I don't know about you, but I LOVE writing! And not just that, I love reading. I was always a bookworm. In primary school, at the library, we had a rule where you couldn't take more than one book. I remember I was hiding books in the shelves I wanted to read so no one can take them before I read the one I took. I love reading books, magazines, and blogs! I can't imagine my day without reading at least one blog. There are few that are on my list that I'm checking every day, from fashion to lifestyle! I don't think I will every quit on reading. In the end, don't you think everything goes back to basics? I love the idea of having my own piece on the Internet, which doesn't belong to anyone then just me. It will always be there. No one can take it down. When everything else fails, my blog is going to be there.
Every now and then I hear something like "blogging dies" or "no one blogs anymore".
I love my blog and everything about it. I can't see myself quitting because I don't see the point of posting at other places when the motherboard is here. All the values are here.

Do What You Love!
The real question is out there, why I'm going to keep blogging? Well, because I simply love it and I don't care what anyone else says or thinks. If I'd listen to what anyone else says is smarter/better I would never start a blog. I wouldn't be where I am now. You can take advice from someone else, but only you know what is best for you and you should always listen to yourself! I love the idea of having my own place on the Internet, that's completely mine and no one can take it. You can do whatever you want with it as long as you enjoying it!

The Internet is constantly changing!
I know that everyone says everything moved to YouTube but look what happened now. Instagram came up with IGTV option and there is a serious threat that everything will move to Instagram. I mean you never know what can happen tomorrow. Maybe Instagram will disappear or it will turn out in an app that you don't like at all. In that case, I always have a place to come home and for me, that's my blog! Digital era is quite fast and everything can change in a minute. You should always stay up to date! But you should know yourself and your needs.

Blog as a way of expressing yourself.
I see my blog as a chance to express myself! I think people can truly see who am I through it. I don't think I can express myself through one post on Instagram. Unfortunately, I'm more complicated than that, haha. I'm kidding, but I'm trying to tell a story through every post I create, from beginning to an end. I don't have any boundaries and I'm free to do whatever I want.

It's about giving value to your readers!
You are always there for your readers. I think that's something that bloggers often forgot. Yes, they have sponsorships, pr packages, and trips. All of them thanks to your readers! They are the one who is constantly supporting you and you must always remember that. I get so sad when I see bloggers posting only sponsored stuff without value and honest opinion. You stood out because you were unique and honest, you don't want to discredit yourself just because of the one sponsorship!

I think that some of the bloggers forgot what blogging is about. A blog isn't a magazine, it isn't filled with perfect girls and wannabe lives, with too expensive clothes, makeup, and trips. It's real, personal and raw. Raw in a way that you aren't pretending who you are. You are there for your readers, to share something with them, to teach them, to inspire them, to engage with them.

To finish this post, I want to add that there are so many phenomenal bloggers who are true to themselves no matter what and I enjoy reading them every day! Here are their blogs:
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What about you, why you are still blogging?