We are all creative! From when I remember everyone was telling that only the gifted ones are creative. Only a certain amount of people are gifted with creativity and other, the mortal's aren't. What a lie to teach kids! We all have it. You don't have to have a gift of drawing, singing or playing an instrument to be creative. You can do every job and be creative at it. I mean it, every single thing you can do creatively! If you tell yourself that you aren't creative you are terrying your creativity and you are making it go away. I have a whole theory about it and maybe I'll write about it one day. Let's talk about how you can sparkle a bit of creativity into your everyday life.
When you have a busy life with a full-time job, kids, university it's hard to find a little extra time to do something relaxing and creative. It can be pretty hard to find a little time for yourself or even if you find it you don't know from where to start. There is so much to do and you end up doing nothing from trying to find what you could do.

You can do anything you want if you want it, you can plan your day so you can achieve everything you want to do only if you want to. You can wake up earlier so you can start your day the way you want it and to accomplish everything. These things won't take too much of your time, you don't have to them all day long, just 1 hour or 2. After it, you'll feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world!

Let's get with them.
Things you can do to relax:
#1 Find a coloring book and start with a color therapy!
I am the first one who thought that coloring books aren't fun and that they can't offer me much. I was so wrong! They are super fun and fulfilling. You are creating a picture, you are thinking of colors you will use and you are practicing focusing and you are actually meditating! After I had fun with it, I started searching about it and I read that coloring books are really helpful and that psychologist recommend them to people with depression because you are training yourself to focus and to be in the moment. You are meditating you are living for the moment, free of past and the future. I think that they are a very powerful tool you can use on a daily basis. Turn on your favorite music, grab some coffee or tea and start your coloring session! You can paint with whatever you want. You can use watercolor, acrylics, pastels or markers. We always have in mind colored pencils when we talk about coloring books, but don't limit yourself it's super fun and rewarding in a big run!

#2 Make mood boards or vision boards!
This is one of the most fun activity I love to do when I don't feel inspired or when I'm down. You can create vision boards for how you can see yourself in five years or your dream. If that's too much for you, you can pick one theme and to create mood boards for it. I love creating mood boards about my blog or some topics about fashion. It's amazing, you are creating a whole picture from scratches. You are cutting, thinking about your idea, it's super fun and relaxing. Make it for yourself! Sometimes I get stuck because I'm constantly thinking about the end of result or what others may think. Just do it for yourself and sake of making it. You'll love the result! I love making collages and I'm thinking of making thematic collages made from real paper with my picture for my blog!

#3 Start a journal!
This is an amazing habit I started two months ago. I have two planners one for planning my blog and other for keeping my thoughts and desires at one place. I keep a gratitude journal as well. I'm writing about how I feel that day or what makes me upset. You can write about your goals, about your wishes, ups and downs, stuff that you like about yourself and the ones you don't and how can you change them or accept them. You can keep a gratitude or forgiveness lists. You can write about how you spent your day. It's good to keep a track of your thoughts and emotions. That way you can be clear with what you want or don't want. You'll be better at expressing yourself and your thoughts.

#4 Read, read and read!
"Books are uniquely portable magic." Said Stephen King and he was so right! Books make you travel through time, they move you, they inspire you! We can all find some time for reading. I love reading, I feel so good after it. I love having a pencil and notebook next to me so I can take notes and highlight sentences I want to remember. Right now, I'm really enjoying books about self-improvement, creativity and fiction. I'm planning on sharing with you my favorites, so keep eye on future posts.

#5 Draw!
It doesn't matter if you are good at it, just go with it. Just like the coloring books, they remind you of childhood and they are therapeutic. You are getting in a state of meditation, where you are focused on what you are doing. You are in the present moment and you are relaxed.

Let me know in the comments how do you stay creative!