When you are going on a vacation, it's good to prepare your skin and hair for the sea. I wanted to share with you a few tips and treatment you can do to prepare your skin properly for the exposure of the sun and sea salt.

➤The most important thing you can do for your skin is to always wear an SPF cream. It doesn't matter if you are at home or at the beach or a mountain, you should always wear it. It protects your skin from damaging UV rays. I already wrote a post about it, so make sure to read it here.

➤Next thing you can do before you head out to a vacation is to exfoliate your skin. You will remove dead cells from your skin and it'll be ready for tanning. Don't forget to drink a lot of water and to hydrate your skin while you are on a vacation.

➤If you have an acne prone skin it's good to do a facial treatment before you go on a vacation. If your skin is oily, you are constantly producing sebum which can fill and clog your pores, so it's good to get a facial for acne skin. That way your pores will be free and you can go stress-free on a vacation in terms of your skin getting thick with more possible breakouts when you come back home. This is for all of you that don't have a serious problem with acne.

➤Get your hair cut before you go on a vacation! Sun and sea can damage your hair a lot, so it's good to go prepared. You should protect your hair from sun damage as well. When I'm at the beach and when my hair is constantly wet, I love to bring my conditioner with me so it can stay moisturized and protected. Make sure to use UV sprays and to have a hat to protect your hair.

➤If you want to go stress-free with your nails, make sure to get your manicure and pedicure done with UV gel! It will save you from constantly doing your nails with ordinary nail polish which tends to slip off easily because of the water and salt. This was the first time I did one! I love my nails and I've never thought I needed to go to a professional to get anything else than normal nail polish, but this year I decided to get risky and to try this option. I went with the typical red one, which is my favorite one! It's chic, elegant and I can easily match it with all of my clothes. I got my mani and pedi with shellac in the beauty studio called L.A. BEAUTY SALON.

➤ If you have some extra money and you are keen to do this kind of stuff, try out anti-cellulite massage! This year I did something different and I went on an anti-cellulite massage. It wasn't a typical one. This one is very popular here in Serbia and it's called Madero (wood) therapy. It's a massage with wooden tools that reminds of battledore. It's much more efficient massage than the traditional anti-massage one, where they are using their hands for it. In here they are massaging your legs, stomach, and arms. It breaks down cellulite, burns fat, it speeds metabolism, eliminates toxins and stimulates lymphatic drainage. I did one round of 9 treatment because I had to go on a vacation. Usually, you should do between 10-12 massages. Either way, results were amazing, I lost 10cm in my waist and 2cm in hips and around each thigh. I will do one more round after I come from a vacation. I was at a studio called Ahava. You have all of my recommendations for them. They are very professional and there are physiotherapists so you don' have to worry about anything.

➤If you want to wake up beautiful, then don't forget to do your eyelashes! Haha, I'm kidding, but this is the comment I often hear from girls that did their eyelashes.

What are your rituals before you go on a vacation?