Every summer comes with some trends which are supposed to spice up your wardrobe. For me, last year was all about beach bags, but for this one, it's all about the earrings! Different shapes, sizes, and colors. The bigger they are the better. Having a bad hair day? Just put on your favorite statement earrings! When I was younger I used to wear chunky earrings all the time. Hoops, pom poms, asymmetrical ones you name it, I had them! 

As I grew up, my style evolved and I moved to chunky necklaces and I stopped wearing earrings, at least the chunky ones. I only had tiny ones with stones or pearls. It's funny how you get back to where you started. I started wearing them again and I should definitely take a look at my old boxes to re-invent my old earrings. I think they are game changers. They spice up your outfit, they add more glam to it. When you are wearing them you are making a statement and if you are having a bad hair day, even better, they will stand out more.

Details make the big picture. That's how I like to think about jewelry and accessories. If you think that something is missing about your outfit, it's probably the jewelry! It can make so much difference and from the ordinary look, you can get a WOW one! Everyone can find something for them, you don't have to go in a certain style because you are the one who is going to make it be YOUR style. 

This season I'm obsessed with faces and geometric shapes! I'm in love with face and body painting which are painted in one move. I love those lines and I'm crazy about the face earrings. I want to find more of them. These ones I found in my favorite thrift and vintage shop called Snatch in Belgrade. I think they are very minimalistic and elegant but yet casual so you can wear them on any occasion, literally! Circle, square, rectangle or triangle, you name it and I'm loving it! 

What is your favorite fashion staple for this summer?

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