I think there's no better way to start a new year on the blog than with the goals for it? I really love reading this kind of post, so I thought it would be good to write it. At first, I started questioning myself should I write it, maybe people won't read it. But I let it go, who cares, I don't want to stop me from being me. So let's get straight to them!
This year was really crazy for me and right now I need a little period of adjustment to all the changes that happened, switching universities and working.
I want my biggest focus to be on being healthier. To work out on a regular basis, eat more fruits and vegetables, take care of mental health as well as the physical one, stay present and grateful. When life becomes super fast all of these things become not so important, but they are SO important. Without them, we can't do anything.
Stay present and be grateful. Just like I said, when life gets too fast, we ofter forget to slow down for a moment and reflect how happy we are with where are we now and what we have. Remember that, what you now have was among the things you only hoped for. I don't want to sound like some wannabe life couch because I'm not the one. But the truth is that we easily get trapped in comparing with others or with what we want that we forget what we have. And all we have is now, so let's stay present and be grateful for what we have. When you focus on the good, the good get's better!
Travel more! When it comes to traveling my mindset was, there's time to it, I'll travel and then I never planned anything special and I haven't traveled much. That's why I want to be one of my priorities to squeeze it in my schedule and make it happen.
Show off my work more! I am always afraid of showing off my work on social media. Then I decided to anyways show it at least on my Insta stories. No one's perfect and to be better you need to constantly work on yourself. One of my goals is to post more my illustrations on social media, especially my blog. That way I'll have some kind of diary of my work and I can better track everything that I did and I can hear your thoughts on it (p.s. there is one photo with my illustrations on Instagram feed). Not only my illustrations, but I would also like to share with you all of the creative things I like to do like collages, diaries and mood boards! I really enjoy making them, but I always feel a bit stupid to share them, because they are not good enough.
Be more active on the blog! Not Instagram or Facebook, my blog. I geniunly love creating for my blog and this year, I don't want to stress about PRs and campaigns, I don't want to stress about the all the stupid things like are these photos likeable or are they on the trend. I just want to create out of pure love with no pressure. That's why I created this blog and I want to do it again, just out of pure joy and without restrictions. I don't want to question my creativity and to put a price tag on it, not on this blog.

A few smaller goals:
- Don't put too much pressure on yourself;
- Include small ritual in your routine again;
- Slow down;
- Be more creative, experiment;
- Use only natural products for skin;
Earrings - PD Paola; Blouse - HM; Necklace - Amorrae; 

Photography: Ruzica Vukosavljevic