This is one of my favorite go-to looks when I'm running around. It's comfy and chic. Almost everything that I'm wearing is thrifted. From coat, turtleneck to jeans. These shoes are one of the comfiest ones I own. Besides that, they are the coolest one I own. I can't wait to get my hands on another pair of Oyster footwear. They are hand made and they are made in Thailand. When you order them, it takes up to two weeks for them to make them. I guess that's why they are so comfortable and the quality is so good. Not to mention the design of them. They look futuristic, chic and elegant.

When it comes to this look, I decided to go crazy and style two patterns and those are lines or lines. At first, I thought it's going to look weird, but the stripes on earrings and coat go really well with the rest of the look. This look is made of all of the things I adore, from shoes, earrings to the bag. These earrings are probably one of the coolest ones I own. I love the fact that they are on the clip. It gives such a retro touch to it. They are handmade and the brand is called Alexandrine Paris. This is the second pair I got from them and I couldn't love them more.
Coat - vintage; Turtleneck - vintage; Jeans - Vintage; Shoes - Oyster Footwear; Earrings - Alexandrine Paris; Bag - Picard;